Exhibits List (updated 3/26/2020)
We are saving multiple spots for one frame exhibits (OFE)s for the American Helvetia Philatelic Society so at this time, there is no more room for OFEs

With the change of dates, I will be emailing all the exhibitors and asking if they still plan to exhibit. I will remove any exhibits if needed. After I hear from everyone, I will see where we stand in regards to one frame exhibits (OFE)s.

# of Frames Exhibitor Title
2Emory Earl ToopsProvisional Issues of South Vietnam and Their Use: 1963-1980
6Stephen L. SuffetThe Twilight of the Prexies, 1954-1962
1Richard S. WilsonQueen Victoria's Federal Law Stamps of Canada
1Greg GallettiGreat Britain and the League of Nations
5Greg GallettiThe League of Nations - The War Years
1Blanton Clement Jr.UPU Congress, London 1929
2Blanton Clement Jr.United Nations Conference on International Organization, San Francisco, 1945
1Mark SchwartzThe "Special Arrangement" between Liverpool and the U.S. - 1843-1848
5Mark SchwartzThe New York Postmaster's Provisional
1Bob Rufe"Special" Booklet Paper Printings of 1928
1Paul Schumacher1874a
5Arnold SorensenDanish West Indies Printed Matter
6George StrubleSCADATA Mail to and from Switzerland
5George StrubleSwiss Airmail to the U.S.: a Rate Study
1George Struble1920 Airmail Service Frankfurt - Basel: What a Fiasco!
8Mark ThompsonWomen of the Black Heritage Series - From The Fields of Slavery to the Halls of Congress
7William KellyThe 3¢ Iwo Jima Stamp: First Day Covers and Use
10Charles O'Brien IIIGeorgia Bicentennial
8Charles O'Brien IIISesquicentennial Exposition 1926
1Charles O'Brien IIIThe Lexington-Concord Issues of 1925
1Bruce MarsdenSwitzerland 1932 Disarmament Series Airmail Uses
3Bruce MarsdenCampione D'Italia - A Geographic Anomoly
5Bruce MarsdenSwitzerland 1949 Engineering And Landscapes Issue, Rates, Destinations And Usages
8Robert EdsonThe Stephen Daye Stamp
7Glenn Estus1941 Vermont Statehood
3Larry FillionCanal Zone's 1962 Anti-Malaria Airmail Stamp And Its First Day Covers
7Richard HallThe Philatelic Aspects of the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition
6Richard HallJoin Us For A Tour Of The Landi
3William BarclayPostage Stamps of the World's Youngest Country
10Murray AbramsonExpansion Of US Airmail To Foreign Destinations (1922-1941)
10Gary BruceCanal Zone Postage Dues

Invited Exhibits (Not Being Judged)
# of Frames Exhibitor Title
1Richard HallPro Juventute Briefi
1Richard HallPro Juventute Postcards
1Anthony DeweyInternational Education Bureau Labels for the Service of Intellectual Aid to Prisoners of War
8Anthony DeweySwiss Official Stamps for the UNEO and International Agencies
1Anthony DeweyUses of the Swiss Federal Official Stamps of 1942