2023 Exhibits List

Exhibits (will be added as they get accepted) (Closed)

FramesExhibit TitleExhibitor
8 Frames Geographic Expansion of U.S. Airmail to Foreign Destinations (1922-1941) Murray A. Abramson
6 Frames Aloha - The 80¢ Diamond Head Stamp of 1952 Jon Krupnick
10 Frames Pan Am Clippers Conquer the Pacific Jon Krupnick
8 Frames Falklands or Malvinas? Mark Butterline
5 Frames The 1972 Floral Definitives of Tristan da Cunha Mark Butterline
7 Frames Rates And Usages Of The United States One Cent Presidential Series Stamp: 1938-1958 Stephen L. Suffet
8 Frames Sesquicentennial Exposition 1926 Charles O'Brien III
1 Frame The Lexington-Concord Issues Of 1925 Charles O'Brien III
8 Frames Indore Philately Sandeep Jaiswal
8 Frames British India - King George VI Postal Stationery Sandeep Jaiswal
1 Frame The First Issue Of Jaipur Sandeep Jaiswal
1 Frame Bahawalpur During Its 50 Day Period As A Sovereign Nation Sandeep Jaiswal
5 Frame Independent Mail and Express Company Operations at Boston: 1843-1845 Mark Schwartz
1 Frame Essex County Packet Mail: 1840 up to UPU Mark Schwartz
1 Frame The Introduction of the First Standardized Federal CDS Mark Schwartz
5 Frames Travancore State Postal Stationery 1888-1948 Thomas Puthanangady
1 Frame General Banks Division - Civil War Union Army Field Cancellations 1861-1862 James C. Cate
8 Frames A License and Stamp System for Waterfowl Conservation in the 20th Century U.S. Will Csaplar
8 Frames Delaware Postal History - 1732 to 1847 Alfredo Frohlich
5 Frames The Indian Feudatory State of Jind John Warren
1 Frame Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 1929 On Board Mail Brian Callan
1 Frame Documenting the 100th Anniversary of Irish Independence from Great Britain Robert Benninghoff
1 Frame Ireland 1914: Civil Unrest in Ireland Helps Cause a Great War with Germany Robert Benninghoff
9 Frames Panama Postal Cards: 1881-1940 Brad Wilde
1 Frame 1865, A Year of Technological Firsts and Gaffes in Spanish Stamps Frank Slack
10 Frames Gloucester And The Sea: A Maritime History - Early Republic To ca. 1940 Paul Goodwin
10 Frames The 3c Connecticut Tercentenary Issue of 1935 and its First Days Anthony Dewey
10 Frames The U.S. Alphabet-Denominated Rate-Change Series: 1978-1998 Anthony Dewey
1 Frame North America Catapult, LZ127 and LZ129 Zeppelin Mail Stephen Reinhard
10 Frames Mexico Airmail Through 1939 Stephen Reinhard
5 Frames Endgame of Indian Revolutionary Freedom Movement During World War 2 Apratim Bhattacharya

Invited Exhibits (not judged)

FramesExhibit TitleExhibitor
1 Frame Boston 2026 Boston 2026
5 Frames Spellman Museum Treasures Spellman Museum
8 Frames Queen Victoria Postal Stationery Sandeep Jaiswal
7 Frames First Issue of Indian Feudatory States Stamps Perry Goldberg