2024 Exhibits List

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Frame #sExhibit TitleExhibitor
10 Canal Zone Provisional Airmail. 1929-1931 Brad Wilde
1 The Non-denominated Domestic Air Letter Sheets (1948-1956) Hugh Lawrence
5 French Activities in the Arctic 1828-1939 Serge Kahn
2 The Mystery and Mastery of Glass Elizabeth W. Carter
10 Pan Am Clippers Conquer the Pacific Jon E. Krupnick
6 Aloha - The 80¢ Diamond Head Stamp of 1952 Jon E. Krupnick
1 Aviation Poster Stamps: 1909 - 1914 Robert Brew
4 The United States Red Cross Issue of 1931 Michael Clark
1 Leominster, Mass. Provisional Postage Due and Instructional Labels Chip Gliedman
6 Falklands or Malvinas? Mark Butterline
8 Development, Organization and Operation of Argentina's Railroads : 1857-1947 Paul Goodwin
8 Women of the Black Heritage Series - From the Fields of Slavery to the Halls of Congress. Mark Thompson
4 Gliders through the Ages Jane Snowdon
8 Geographic Expansion of Commercial U.S. Mail To Foreign Destinations Via Airmail (1920-41) Dr. Murray A Abramson
9 Town by County Postmarks of Hungary, Shown by Country Location Post World War 1 Lesley Lorant
10 The U.S. Alphabet-Denominated Rate-Change Series: 1978 - 1998 Anthony F. Dewey
10 Rattlesnake Island Local Post, 1966 -1976 Anthony F. Dewey
1 Swiss Official Stamps for the International Refugee Organization, 1950 - 1952 Anthony F. Dewey
1 The Postal Stationery of the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) for Netherlands New Guinea Anthony F. Dewey
8 Pre-Prohibition United States Beer Stamps 1866-1919 Louis Caprario
3 Airmail Service used by the League of Nations and International Labor Organization (1922-1956) Greg Galletti
5 Lindbergh Flies The Mail: 1926-1931 David S. Ball
8 The United States Governmental Flights (1918-1927) Patrick A. Walters
1 Michigan Pioneer Air Mail Patrick A. Walters
8 Finding Antarctica - Then Finding More Of It Jiri Kraus
1 Dr. Václav Vojtěch - the first Czech in Antarctica Jiri Kraus
1 The Role of the Horse in the Civil War Jessica Leuschner
5 The 1972 Floral Definitives of Tristan da Cunha Mark Butterline

Invited Exhibits and Non Competitve Exhibits (not judged)

FramesExhibit TitleExhibitor
1 Spellman Museum Treasures Spellman Museum
5 U.S. Postal Counterfeits : The Classic Period to Modern Times 1895-2004 John Hotchner
1 Boston 2026 Boston 2026