Exhibits Jury
  • Ross A. Towle, Chief of Jury, from California - also an FIP accredited judge
    Chile, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Postal Stationery, United States

  • Robert G. Zeigler, backup Chief Judge, from Indiana - also President of the American Philatelic Society
    Airmail, Censorship, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Switzerland

  • David S. Ball, from Massachusetts
    Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Holy Land, Polar, Postal History

  • Christopher E. Dahle, from Iowa
    Scandinavia, Southern Africa, Sweden, Thematics, Zimbabwe

  • Guy M. Purington, from Ohio
    United States: Possessions, 19th Century, Back-of-the-Book, Postal History, Revenues