Show Committee
Show Co-Chairmen
David Ball - David.Ball(at)
Mark Butterline - Mark.Butterline(at)

Show Chairman Emeritus
Jeff Shapiro - coverlover(at)

Admissions Chair

Show Cachet & Cancel Designer
Chris Calle - chris(at)

Youth Chair
Jay Paton - telrpm(at)

Exhibits Chair
Larry Fillion - malariastamps(at)

Bourse Chair
Chris Brouady - brouady(at)

Advertising & Marketing
Jessica Leuschner - jleusc1(at)

Show Program
Jessica Leuschner - jleusc1(at)

Larry Fillion - malariastamps(at)

Frame Advisor
Lawrence Norris - lawrence.norris(at)

Philatelic Show Committee Meeting - 8/13/19
(l to r) Chris Brouady, Tony Dewey, Jeff Shapiro, Lawrence Norris,
Mark Butterline, David Ball, and Larry Fillion
Not Present: Jessica Leuschner, Joes Signor, Jay Paton & Chris Calle