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August 2, 2019

For Immediate Release

Philatelic Foundation Donates to Boston 2026

Larry Lyons, Executive Director of The Philatelic Foundation, presented a $25,000 check to Nancy B. Clark, President of Boston 2026 World Expo with Mark A. Butterline, Executive Director, and Yamil H. Kouri, Commissioner General, at APS StampShow/NTSS in Omaha on Friday, August 2.

The PF was founded almost 75 years ago by a group of dedicated philatelists who recognized the need to establish a not for profit educational organization dedicated to expertizing and authenticating stamps and covers. Today, with the experience gained from having issued over 555,000 certificates, the PF makes its knowledge available through its print and on-line resources, public programs, exhibits and access to its hi-tech analytical equipment.

Elaborating on the donation, PF Chairman Robert Rose said, “The PF supports Boston 2026 because our Board believes that the future of organized philately requires the support of all organizations to make the show a success and to secure our hobby into the future.”

President Clark followed up saying, “Boston 2026 is grateful for the support of the Philatelic Foundation, helping to make this country's next international philatelic exhibition a major success. Boston 2026 hopes to secure the future of the hobby not only nationally but internationally. It takes a group effort, and the Philatelic Foundation's sponsorship is a significant step in making this happen.”

America’s twelfth international philatelic exhibition takes place in late May 2026 at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center. Find out more online at

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