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May 5, 2017

For Immediate Release

Boston 2026 - New Name, New Logo

You’ve probably heard the expression, "Everything old is new again." So it is with the twelfth U.S. international philatelic exhibition scheduled to take place May 23-30, 2026.

The show’s new name is a slight but significant change: "Boston 2026 World Stamp Show" is now "Boston 2026 World Expo". It’s shorter, and opens the door to explore more than just "stamps," as our hobby includes a wealth of other items.

So a more familiar visual cue was needed and a logo redesign began. Many factors were considered. Its symbolism must be recognizable to a broad worldwide audience. The colors used must also have meaning and be a branding hallmark used in multiple applications.

A small show sub-committee was formed to come up with ideas. A key member of that group was Richard Sheaff, one of this country’s foremost and prolific stamp designers. Symbols of Boston were considered, including the Old North Church and the famous Concord Minuteman statue, both of which have been depicted on U.S. and foreign stamps. So, too, were a variety of Revolutionary era flags.

Eventually it was the flag idea, surrounded by perforations, to which everyone agreed. But which flag? Dick’s design concept using the "Betsy Ross" 13 star design became the unanimous choice of the sub-committee. "Old Glory" has been represented on U.S. stamps more often than any other symbol. What could be more recognizable globally than an American flag, especially one with an extra-special connection to 1776?

While Betsy’s true connection to the 13 star flag remains in doubt, all are convinced that without a doubt the new Boston 2026 World Expo logo makes the right statement in representing the hobby’s once-a-decade mega-event almost nine years away.

It will be unveiled officially for the first time during Philatelic Show, May 5-7 at the Regency Hotel & Conference Center in Boxborough, Massachusetts. The Boston 2026 web site at will also prominently feature the logo and new name at that time.

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