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Minutes - May 3, 2009

Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs Minutes of the May 3, 2009 BoD Meeting was held at the Boxborough Holiday Inn in Boxborough, Massachusetts during Philatelic Show 2009.

REMINDER OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Sunday, September 13, 2009, at the NESS Show at the Weston Holiday Inn in Weston, Massachusetts.

Bruce Bolduc - Wachusett Philatelic Society
Mark Butterline - Philatelic Group of Boston
Mike Mead - Cape Cod Group
Len Andexler - Chelmsford Stamp Club
Jeff Shapiro - Philatelic Group of Boston
Norm Shufrin - Waltham Stamp Club
Wayne Rindone - Needham-Newton Stamp Club
Paul Bourke - Philatelic Group of Boston
George Norton - Waltham Stamp Club

There was a quorum of the BOD. The meeting was called together by Vice-President Mark Butterline in the absense of the President Jack Miller. The meeting opened at 2:10 PM with 8 members present at the Board Room of the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

Secretary's Report:
Report accepted as written in the March 29, 2009 paper.

Webmaster's Report:
Mark Butterline distributed a graph of the NEFED.ORG web site unique visits by people from April 08 thru March 09. Maximum 3,800 in August 08. Low of 2,100 in December 08. Website downtime appears to no longer be an issue.

Treasurer's Report:
23 clubs paid dues, 6 unpaid. Bruce will follow up with a letter to delinquent. We are solvent with CD's.

Philatelic Show Report:
Mike Mead talked at length about the show, stating that his talks with dealers were worthwhile. Overall favorable. No complaints. The show attendance was down from previous years. APS was a no-show, thus no APS medals given to exhibitors at the banquet. Some discussion on promoting the shows in the future. Inviting other philatelic organizations, and cover societies. Only 33 hotel rooms reserved and used for the show. Need more persons to stay over. Youth exhibits were down. Only seven persons came with Robert Welt from Groton, Ct.

New Business:
Election of Officers.

President : Mark Butterline
Vice-President : Paul Bourke
Secretary : Len Andexler
Treasurer : Bruce Bolduc

Directors for term expiring in May 2011 :
Jeffrey Shapiro, Norm Shufrin, Davis Moiles
Paul Bourke replaced by Wayne Rindone for term expiring in May, 2010.

Note: Terms Expiring in May 2010: Mike Mead, Paul Bento, Wayne Rindone

Slate of Officers approved unanimously.

Vice President and newly elected President Mark Butterline adjourned the meeting at 3:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Len Andexler, Secretary.