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Minutes - March 9, 2008

Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs Minutes of the March 9, 2008 meeting held during SOPEX at the BPO Elks Lodge in Lawrence, MA.

REMINDER OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting (annual meeting) will be held at 2:00PM on Sunday May 11 at Philatelic Show 2008 at the Holiday Inn in Boxboro, MA.

Vice President Peter Pierce (in absence of President Jack Miller) called the meeting to order at 1:05PM.

Len Andexler - Chelmsford Stamp Club
Jeff Shapiro - Philatelic Group of Boston
Paul Bento - Eire Philatelic Association
Robert Garrity - Quincy Stamp Club
Bruce Bolduc - Wachusett Philatelic Society
Mark Butterline - Philatelic Group of Boston
Peter Pierce - Clara Barton Stamp Club
Wayne Rindone - Needham-Newton Stamp Club
Rene A. Duval - Clara Barton Stamp Club

There was a quorum of the BOD.

Secretary's Report:
The Secretary's Report (minutes) from the January 13 meeting was reviewed and accepted.

Mark Butterline reported that nefed.org had 10,605 page views and 3,576 unique visits by people since the last meeting on January 13, 2008. Mark suggested that standardized club show pages (in addition to the current standardized club pages) be added to the federation site, as a service to such shows. All present approved.

Treasurer's Report:
Bruce Bolduc reported a positive cash balance for the federation. Several CDs are maturing soon, but rates are declining.

Twelve clubs have paid their dues. The NE chapter of the Vatican Philatelic Society has disbanded and we have been unable to contact the Whaling City Stamp Club (past 2 years) and were therefore dropped from the membership list. The Manchester Philatelic Society and Quincy Stamp Club were added.

Old Business:
Bruce Bolduc reported that the youth program would be continuing at the Clara Barton Camp (and possibly Jocelyn Camp) this summer. The mail-based youth program is continuing. Currently the youth budget is $500. Transportation costs (to the camps) are beginning to bite.

Regarding Philatelic Show 2008, Jeff Shapiro said that one dealer had to drop out due to illness, but that he would be replaced with one from the wait list. Still looking for exhibits (only 50 frames filled so far). Need to solicit exhibit submissions from the club memberships. Linn's lost the press release, but it has been found and will be run (late). Local organizations will be meeting at the show. The theme will be the 100th anniversary of the Model T and Mother's Day. Working with Dana Booth on getting some Model Ts for the show. Cachets and cancel have been produced by John Lutz. Still need to decide which Model T related stamp to put on the cover. Could use the 12c Ford definitive, the 32c Celebrate the Century Model T commemorative, or a custom Zazzle stamp. Reconfirmed with Acton Postmaster that they will bring a good supply of stamps. Will need people to collect admissions. There will be a meeting with the hotel management at 3PM on the Wednesday before the show. Bruce Bolduc will organize a scavenger hunt as a youth activity. Still need to confirm arrangements with the Groton, CT group. Wayne Rindone received the decorating proposal for the next 2 years.

New Business:
Peter Pierce announced that he would not run for NEFSC office in May.

Rene Duval announced that he would be resigning from the NEFSC board at the May meeting.

Vice President Peter Pierce adjourned the meeting at 2:05PM.
Respectfully submitted by Mark Butterline, Secretary.